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The correct way to discharge lithium batteries

Charge in time to prevent over-discharging. Ordinary cell phone users are not aware of the dangers of over-discharging, as there are usually no reported safety incidents with over-discharging. Moreover, some people even think that regular deep discharge is good for battery performance maintenance. This is not true, because the memory effect of lithium batteries is negligible, and there is no deep discharge to remove the memory effect.
Theoretically, the total cycle life of lithium batteries will be greater deep discharge, but the risk is that excessive battery discharge will lead to low battery voltage, can not be charged properly, and sometimes it will take a long time to turn on, or even not turn on. The lesser of two evils, the use of a short life is better than not being able to use, so I advise the majority of cell phones and laptop users do not often use to black screen.
The temperature is appropriate to prevent hot and cold. In idle, lithium batteries usually do not occur in a safety accident, the purpose of daily maintenance is to make the lithium battery in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the battery. In fact, one of the parameters of the lithium battery design is the appropriate temperature, relatively speaking, the temperature is not a big problem, but if placed in a higher temperature, as the saying goes, the opposite is true, it will also produce safety problems.
The correct way to discharge lithium batteries
We say that the idle state is only in terms of the normal environment, if the lithium battery into the water or near the source of fire that has been removed from the topic of "maintenance", then, in the normal environment to do what is it? Water aspects of moisture and heat to prevent exposure to the sun. Therefore, the appropriate environment for the daily maintenance of lithium batteries should be four words: ventilation, shade. Li-ion battery should follow these four words when it is idle independently or used in electric apparatus.
We recommend that the correct use of lithium batteries, lithium battery charging method is important, because incorrect charging methods will cause safety problems, while the discharge and daily maintenance affects only the service life of lithium batteries, lithium batteries themselves are also a consumable, we take what approach can not avoid its loss, but we use the correct method, delaying its aging.



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