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Ways to extend the life of electric car batteries

1, electric car battery do not just replace the charger, do not remove the speed limit of the controller. Each manufacturer's charger generally has personalized needs, do not randomly replace the charger when you are not sure.
2, protect the charger. The general instructions for use have instructions on the protection of the charger above. Many users do not have the habit of reading the manual, often in addition to the problem only after remembering to look for the manual, often too late, so first read the manual is very necessary.
3, electric car batteries are charged every day. Even if your range requirements are not long, a charge can be used for 2 to 3 days, but you are still recommended to charge every day, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle state, the battery life will be extended.
4, electric car battery charging in time. After the battery is discharged, the sulfation process begins, and at the beginning of 12 hours, there is a significant sulfation.
5, electric car battery regular deep discharge. A regular deep discharge of the battery is also beneficial to the activation of the battery, which can slightly enhance the capacity of the battery.
6、Practice some good habits of power saving. Use coasting as much as possible.
7, electric car battery pay attention to the environment of charging. The best ambient temperature for charging is 25℃.
8、Make full use of the repair conditions Many dealers of electric bicycles can provide battery overhaul and repair services, and should make full use of these services. Some brands of electric bicycles propose to overhaul the battery.
Through these methods, users can greatly extend the life of the battery. Some users have a relatively short range and a relatively long battery life, and some problems are relatively difficult to detect. Therefore, the deep discharge measures mentioned in Article 4 are also an effective way to detect battery problems in a timely manner, so as not to wait for serious battery problems that are difficult to deal with.
9, diligent charging, to avoid "deep discharge". Riding an electric car to get into the habit of using the same day charging, every day riding no matter how far it is best to replenish the battery full of electricity, do not wait to use up and then recharge.
10, the battery in the car when charging should be closed electric door lock, do not charge the battery upside down, charging as full as possible once.
11, when not in use for a long time, to be charged once every month, to be stored in the battery full of electricity, do not store in a state of power loss.
12, charging with a special charger.
13, in order to protect the electric car battery, the user can use with the charge, but can not use the voltage back up to drive, to prevent serious power loss, the battery is not charged, the power should be turned off to ride.
14, electric car battery charging, charging indicator shows full charge do not immediately stop charging, should then float charging 2-3 hours.
Ways to extend the life of electric car batteries



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