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In the wild, the shortest is not water but electricity, whether it is 500AH, 800AH or 1200AH, as long as the financial ability to support, more capacity batteries do not matter, but the problem is how to replenish the power, often ten days and a half months of camping trips can not be a mess of frequent charging.
The way to charge is usually vehicle charging and solar power, or city power charging piles or generators. Currently, a more convenient charging method for RVs is on-board charging and solar panels. On-board charging is related to the generator on the vehicle.
Regardless of the brand of RV, the original car's generator can only partially solve the electricity needs. You can't run too much during your day trip. The objective reason for the trip is also destined to be unsatisfactory for the battery. Even if you are 800AH lithium battery, you are full of dissatisfaction on the roads you drive in a day, so you can only supplement solar energy.
In the RV Innovation Technology Forum, the head of new energy technology mentioned a key word in the off-grid living scenario that means living off-grid, being in nature and enjoying life. This living scenario first became popular in the United States. A way of life.
It is said that after leaving the grid, we use natural solar, wind, thermal and other clean energy to meet our basic living needs, and then find that even if we are off the grid, the quality of life is not denied anymore and we can still experience new energy. With all kinds of freedom and comfort.
100 watts of solar energy occupies about 0.5 square meters of roof area.
A day of sunlight from noon onwards can store 0.6WH of electricity for 6 hours a day. Our daily electricity consumption is 2000WH, or two kWh. The complete off-grid power system includes a 2000 watt inverter and a 2400wH battery is a 12V200AH battery.
A 100 watt TV can be used 24 hours a day on a clear day. Solar panels are typically required to have a conversion efficiency of over 80% over 25 years, meaning they will last a long time. Solar panels must pass PID testing, salt spray testing and tensile testing.
Wind tunnel test, glare test, temperature test, enhanced aluminum alloy frame, improved oxidation resistance and wear resistance, can effectively resist various natural disasters, such as sun, hail, heavy snow, strong wind, heavy rain, etc.
Choose high quality cells because of their smooth and clean surface without stains, line marks, dents, chipped edges and other defects. It ensures maximum conversion rate without compromising power generation efficiency and also reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion.
Most RV companies in China choose wina RV batteries to convert their RVs.
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